About the company

Limited liability company ”AMZ” was founded on march 6, 1997.

Limited liability company ”AMZ” provides IT support to companies of various spheres of activity and scopes. Experienced specialists will help to determine imperfections in existent infrastructures or to create new ones, according to customers’ requirements. Further collaboration will help to maintain your infrastructure in good working order, ensuring stability and fail-safety. By entrusting us your information infrastructure you can easily run your business, but we in return will do our utmost to make it work on increasing your profits and productivity. The term ‘Information Infrastructure’ is used to refer to the complex of information systems, control centers, bureautique, as well as technologies that gather, store, process and transfer information. It means that Information Infrastructure comprises workstations (PC), servers and other equipment.

We offer:

  • IT support;
  • Advertisment clip, informative material making and hosting;
  • Marketing strategy activities;
  • Consultations in business (international passenger traffic) advancement.